A Cool and Lonely Courage

This is an ENNIE-nominated tragic role playing story game about the women of the SOE (Special Operations Executive) during world war 2, for two to five players.

The game starts with each of you captured by the Nazis, and facing interrogation and death at their hands. Together as players you tell the stories of these brave women through their training, deployment, missions and eventual capture, and discover their lives through flashbacks.

Playing cards are used to determine whether the focus of each scene is one of love, failure, success, or death. Each scene will call involve other characters from that individuals life - friends, enemies and bystanders - all of whom are played by other players around the table. Characters introduced in one scene may return in future scenes, for good or ill.

The game ends with a final session where between you, you work out who lives, who dies, who tells their stories.

Some comments I received after playtests at Metatopia 2018:

“It was my most affecting game of the Con”

“It’s a deeply emotional game. I had a hard choice to make at the end for my character”

“I have been playing this unforgettable story in my head since Metatopia”

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